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Creating High Performance Cultures


What's in store

  • What do performance and culture mean?
  • What is a High Performance Culture?
  • Ingredients for a High Performance culture

What does Performance mean?



What is the Culture of an organisation?

'Culture is how well the values, beliefs and mission of an organisation align with people's behaviours and actions'

High Performance Culture

Collective mentality where there is a strong community spirit and collaboration around a shared sense of Purpose

The Performance Curve

Ingredients for High Performance Cultures


Ingredient 1: Psychological Safety

What is it?Shared belief held by the members of a team that it's OK to take risks, to express their ideas and concerns, to speak up with questions and to admit mistakes - all without fear of negative consequences.

Ingredient 2: Trust

Trust is the confidence among team members that their peers' intentions are good, and that there is no reason to be protective or careful around the group. The Lencioni Model is a great way to overcome the five dysfunctions of a team.

Ingredient 3: Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset The belief that your abilities can be developed and improvedWays to foster a Growth Mindset Environment

  • The power of YET
  • Naming the Fixed Mindset Persona
  • Triggers of the Fixed Mindset
  • Embracing Setback
  • Praising effort and the process

Ingredient 4: Communication

Every high performing organisation on the planet relies on a high level of Communication to achieve their goals and vision.

Ingredient 5: Coaching

What is coaching?Partnership in a process that stimulates thought and creativity to maximise the personal and professional potential.With the help of coaching:

  • Unlock potential
  • Create a partnership
  • Stimulate creativity and innovation

Ingredient 6: Feedback

What is feedback?A honest conversation designed to help improve the next performance based on facts and first-hand observations.With the help of feedback:

  • Improve future performance
  • Add value to your team members
  • It's a gift

Last words...

There is limited impact that we can have alone and there is infinite impact we can have together.

Questions that you can ask yourself to review the level of your team psychological safety: 1. If a mistake is made on the team, is that being held against that team member? 2. Are the members of the team able to bring up problems and issues for discussion? 3. Are the members of the team acceptant of others for being different?4. Is it safe to take a risk on this team? 5. Is it difficult to ask other members of this team for help? 6. Would anyone on this team act deliberately in a way that undermines someone else's efforts? 7. Are the unique skills and talents of each team member valued when working together?