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Peer Subject, Organizational, and Writing Tutors

Learn more about peer tutoring services.

Peer subject tutors are available for almost all 100 and 200-level subjects as well as general and subject-specific writing help. Organizational tutors are students who teach peers effective and healthy time management and organizational skills.

Research Librarians

Learn more about Bishop Library.

Librarians help students find, navigate, and evaluate information. They provide access to quality resources and offer guidance on search strategies, databases selection, citation information, and assistance with the overall research process.


Learn more about the CARE Team.

The CARE Team is a group of faculty and staff dedicated to the health, wellness, and success of each student academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. When a concern is raised for a student through our Starfish Student Success Platform, their assigned CARE Team member contacts the student to collaboratively develop an individualized plan that best addresses the student’s needs and challenges.

PSU Health Partnership

The College has partnered with Penn State Health to provide clinical oversight and guidance under the direction of our Medical Director, a Penn State Health physician. Penn State Health medical professionals staff our Health Center for approximately 10 hours each week and provide consultation as well. Another advantage to LVC students is the ability to use the Penn State Health telehealth platform. The College’s partnership with Penn State Health ensures the highest quality care for students while residing on campus and in the local community.

First-Generation Student Support

Learn more about the Dutchmen First program.

Eligible students (those whose parents/guardians have not completed a bachelor’s degree) can earn a renewable $500 scholarship for years 1, 2, and 3 by joining our Dutchmen First program. Each semester, students participate in informative workshops, connect with valuable resources, engage with the first-gen community, and participate in service projects.

Full-time Nurse

Learn more about health services.

The Health Center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. for evaluation, triage and self-care education. The campus Nurse works closely with medical staff from Penn State Health to ensure quality care for all students. Basic healthcare services are provided free of charge, while some testing is available at minimum cost. All students are required to submit the Health Form which is available through the new student portal.

Counseling Services

Learn more about Counseling Services.

Students may seek out short-term counseling on campus through one of our counselors. Additionally, we have peer mentors that work with counseling services to provide support to students, as well as groups like Friendly Faces that meets each week.

Academic Advisor

All students are assigned an academic advisor in their major to assist with course selection, degree progress, and academic requirements and regulations. Advisors also play a pivotal role in guiding students in exploring their options and achieving their educational and career goals.

Spiritual Life Office

Learn more about spiritual life at LVC.

The mission of the Office of Spiritual Life is to support and nurture the faith development and ethical growth of all students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of Lebanon Valley College so that caring and concern for others is a core value within our community.

Resident Assistants

Learn more about residential life at LVC.

RAs are student leaders that live in each residence hall helping resident students. RAs host programs and events in the halls to promote community and help residents get to know them and each other. Additionally, RAs enforce safety regulations that keep the residence halls a safe and comfortable living environment for all resident students.

First-Year Mentors

Learn about First-Year Mentors.

Assigned to incoming students, First-Year Mentors are undergraduates who will help you navigate your early days at LVC by connecting you with your peers, support systems, and the greater LVC community.

Basic Needs

Learn more about Dutchmen Support Services.

Dutchmen Support resources eliminate hurdles by meeting basic needs for students.Resources include:

  • Dutchmen Pantry
  • Career Closet
  • Study Smart Resource Closet
  • Health & Wellness Items

Campus Safety Staff

Learn more about campus safety.

Campus Safety Officers are available to assist the LVC community 24 hours, 7 days per week. In addition to frequent patrolling, there are “blue light” systems across campus, where students can push a button and contact either 911 or Campus Safety. There is a counselor on-call, a Resident Assistant on-duty, and a professional Student Affairs staff member on-call every night.

Center for Accessibility Resources

Learn more about accessibility resources.

CAR provides equal educational access to qualified students with disabilities, affirms the right of persons with disabilities to obtain access in a manner promoting dignity and independence, and provides reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations. Temporary accommodations are also provided for appropriate short-term injuries or illnesses.

Academic Success Coaches

Learn more about the Center for Academic Success & Exploratory Majors

Students can work with an academic success coach on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one-off basis. The academic success coaches are professional staff members who mentor students by designing and implementing an individualized plan to improve study skills.

Starfish Student Success Platform

Learn more about Starfish.

Starfish is an online student engagement tool that allows faculty, students, and staff to connect and collaboratively cultivate student success. Faculty and staff use Starfish to alert students of areas of strength (Kudos tool) as well as areas of improvement or concern (Flags). Flags advise students to take an appropriate course of action, and Kudos celebrate students’ successes, big or small. Students can submit any concerns they have (known as the “Raise Your Hand” function), access beneficial resources, connect with their Success Network, receive updates on their academic progress, and more.

Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Learn more about DEIB at LVC.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging fosters institutional support for underrepresented populations by facilitating campus-wide programming and training that promotes equity and nurtures a diverse and inclusive environment in which all identities thrive.

Career Coaches

Schedule an appointment with a career coach.

Students can work with a career coach as often as they would like and at any point in their academic journey. The career coaches are professional staff members who assist students in their career planning, including degree & career exploration, professional document reviews, job & internship searching, graduate school planning, interviewing, and LinkedIn & online presence development.

Career Fairs & Networking Opportunities

Learn more about the Breen Center.

The Breen Center for Career and Professional Development provides numerous opportunities for students to connect with alumni, search for jobs and internships, and network with professionals through frequent campus-wide events.