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A dingbat is a puzzle consisting of one or more pictures and sometimes one or more letters or symbols that can be read together to make a word or phrase.


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1. Dingbat 1

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What is the hidden phrase?

Il y a de l'amour dans l'air

There's a happy and loving atmosphere around them.

❤️ = love+❤️ is in the word "air"--> love is the air

Love is in the air

Dingbat 1

What is the hidden phrase?

L'effet domino

A chain reaction where something bad happens, causing other similar events to happen

'Dom' in O = domino+ effect--> (the) domino effect

The domino effect

Dingbat 2

What is the hidden phrase?


To slowly disappear

The word 'Away' is fading ( = it's slowly disappearing)

Fade away

Dingbat 3

What is the hidden phrase?

Fixer des limites

To put a stop to or a limit on something

The hand is drawing a lineSA ____ ND = (literally) in the sand--> To draw a line in the sand

Draw a line in the sand

Dingbat 4

What is the hidden phrase?

until you're blue in the face =Tant qu'on veut

To waste your efforts because you will get no results

Colour blue +In the word 'face'--> Blue in the face

Blue in the face

Dingbat 5

What is the hidden phrase?

Petit à petit

Slowly or Gradually

Little 'by' + word 'little'--> Little by little

Little by little

Dingbat 6

What is the hidden phrase?

La main verte

the ability to make plants and flowers grow

word 'thumb' in green--> Green thumb

Green thumb

Dingbat 7

What is the hidden phrase?

"Happy hour" (anglicisme)

a period of time when drinks are sold cheaply in a bar or a pub

word 'hour' + smiley = happy--> Happy Hour

Happy hour

Dingbat 8

What is the hidden phrase?

Aimer les sucreries

If you have a sweet tooth, you like eating sweet foods, especially sweets and chocolate.

word 'tooth' +sweets (waffles, donuts, sweets) --> sweet tooth

Sweet tooth

Dingbat 9

What is the hidden phrase?

Promesse non tenue

If you didn't do what you said that you would do

word 'promise' +word appears broken--> broken promise

Broken promise

Dingbat 10

What is the hidden phrase?

Le métro de Londres

The name of the underground in the city of London, also called the Tube

word "London"+ under the word "ground"--> London Underground

London Underground

Dingbat 11

What is the hidden phrase?

Casse-pieds / pénible

Someone or something that is very annoying

word "pain" literally in the middle of the word "neck"--> Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck

Dingbat 12

What is the hidden phrase?

Agent double

an agent who pretends to act as a spy for one country or organization while in fact acting on behalf of an enemy.

Word "agent"x2 = double--> Double agent

Double agent

Dingbat 13

What is the hidden phrase?

Fou amoureux

completely in love

word "Head" on top / above / over other word+ heel x2 = heels--> Head over heels

Head over heels

Dingbat 14

What is the hidden phrase?

En berne

A flag which has been brought down to a point halfway down the pole as an expression of sadness at someone's death

word "Mast"+ cut in half / only top half can be seen--> half mast

Half mast

Dingbat 15

What is the hidden phrase?

De pointe / A la pointe

The most modern stage of development in a particular type of work or activity

Word "edge"+ scissors cutting the word--> cutting edge

Cutting edge

Dingbat 16

What is the hidden phrase?

Faire un voeu

Making a wish after seeing the first star in the sky at night or after seeing a shooting star

Word "wish" +above / upon / on top of a star--> wish upon a star

Wish upon a star

Dingbat 17

What is the hidden phrase?

Tope là!

a gesture in which two people each raise a hand above their shoulder and bring the fronts of their hands together with force

Word "five" +at the top of the document--> high five

High Five

Dingbat 18

What is the hidden phrase?

Un carrefour / une intersection

A place where two roads meet and cross each other

Word "roads" +in the shape of an X / a cross--> crossroads


Dingbat 19

What is the hidden phrase?

Je comprends

To explain that you know the meaning of something

Word "I" +under the word 'Stand'--> I understand

I understand

Dingbat 20

What is the hidden phrase?

Les chaises musicales

a game in which children walk around a group of chairs while music plays / a situation in which people change jobs often

Word "chairs" +musical notes--> Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Dingbat 21