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Giving clear instructions

Read the group and make sure they are listen to you.

Make sure everyone is listening

  1. Make groups of 5
  2. Read the scenario
  3. Answer the question
Be short and clear on what you request.

Use specific commands

Try not to give participants too much information at once.

Divide the activity into steps

You can use your body to explain what they must do.

Use sign language and gestures as support

Ask questions:If you are in group 1 what are you going to do?

Thumbs up orThumbs down
Ask someone to repeat the process

Use checks of understanding

Let participants know how much time they have to do the task or activity.

Give a time frame

After giving the instruction,ask if there is any question

Clarify doubts

Walk around and listen, see if there are questions in the groups.

Monitor the activity