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Phonics: Vocabulary: tourist, museum, monument, national parkGrammar: Future Simple

TravelLesson 4

Let's Go

Lesson 4

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Let's Go


Tourist Attractions

When you visit a new place, there are often exciting tourist attractions to explore. Let's learn about some popular sights and landmarks that attract visitors from around the world.

Tourist Attractions

Tourists are people who travel to different places for leisure, pleasure, or exploration. They visit tourist attractions to explore the place. Tourists often take photos, buy gifts, and create lasting memories of their trips.


Museums are places where you can see interesting things like art, history, and science exhibits. You can learn a lot about different subjects in museums. Some well-known museums include the Louvre in Paris, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.


Monuments are special structures or statues that are important to a country's history. They can be for famous people or important events. Some famous monuments include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York.


National parks are protected areas that have beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife. You can go to national parks for hiking, camping, and enjoying nature. Examples of famous national parks include Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Banff National Park in Canada.

National Parks


Statue of Libery


Eiffel Tower

Serengetti National Park

Banff National Park

Guess the Tourist Attraction

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base verb

I will take the train.

The future simple tense is used to talk about plans in the future. It is formed by using subject + will + base verb

Future Simple

We are visiting your country and you will be our guide! Explain to us what we will see and do in your country!

Tourist Attractions

Let's Go


Let's Go

ReadingThe Theme Park

This summer, Alex's family decided to take a trip to the Enchanted Theme Park.As they arrived at the park, Alex's eyes widened in excitement. The park was filled with thrilling rides, colorful attractions, and delicious treats. "I will try every ride!" Alex exclaimed.

The first ride they approached was a speedy roller coaster called the Dragon's Flight. Alex's heart raced as they waited in line. "I will conquer this thrilling ride!"

In the afternoon, they visited the Splash Kingdom, a water park with giant slides and pools. "I will make a big splash!" Alex declared. They climbed to the top of the tallest slide and whooshed down, splashing into the water below.

Finally, it was time for the Fireworks Finale. Alex found a spot on the grass, waiting for the show to begin. "I will see colorful fireworks light up the sky!" The sky erupted in bursts of bright colors, creating a beautiful display.

Key words: theme park, roller coaster, water slide, fireworks

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Difficult or not pleasant.