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The Business Need

Key Performance Indictors

Change In Knowledge, Skills & Behaviour

The Learning Outcomes

Our goal is to enable our tympa clinicians to enhance accessibility to ear and hearing care within the communities they serve. This can be achieved by providing them with the ability to refer their clients to hearing care providers for further examination of their hearing when necessary.

1. Increase in referrals via the Tympa clinical app to the tympa connect platform 2. Ensure that referrals submitted to the tympa connect platform for hearing aid providers adhere to Tympahealth's referral standards and align with suitability criteria.

1. Proficiency in using the Tympa clinical app, allowing for smooth navigation and utilization. 2. Recognizing the value of referring clients to the Tympaconnect system for their benefit. 3. Understanding the requirements for making a referral via the tympa connect system to the hearing care provider.

The learning objectives

  • Understand what tympa connect platform is and Interpret the benefits of referring clients to the ct platform when necessary.
  • Analyse clinical information, including hearing screening data, images, and videos, to determine the suitability of clients for referral to the tympa connect platform.
  • Summarise the referral guidance and identify appropriate situations for making referrals.
  • Recognize strategies for addressing patient uncertainty regarding referrals.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the process for referring clients via the tympa clinician app to the tympaconnect platform.
  • Explain the importance of tracking and managing referrals effectively