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Phonics: /tch/Vocabulary: Grammar: Past Progressive

Our Earth Lesson 2

Let's Go

Lesson 2

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Let's Go


What can we find on our Earth?

What is the difference between a lake and a river?

Lakes and rivers are both bodies of water, but they have some differences.

Lakes and Rivers

Lakes are usually smaller in size compared to rivers. They are surrounded by land on all sides. In lakes, you might find lily pads floating gracefully and colorful fish swimming beneath the calm surface.

Lakes and Rivers

Rivers, on the other hand, are like long, winding highways for water. They flow through the land, carrying water from one place to another. Many rivers start their journey high in the mountains, where melting snow and rainfall feed their waters, before eventually reaching the vastness of the oceans.

Lakes and Rivers

Both lakes and rivers are important. They provide us with drinking water. Farmers use the water from rivers and lakes for irrigation. These bodies of water offer opportunities for recreation. People enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing in lakes and rivers.

Why are they important?

Surrounded by land

Still and calm

Start in mountains

Constanly moving



River or Lake

People use them for fun.

Farmers use their water to irrigate.

They provide drinking water.

Lakes and rivers do not help plants grow.

They are not use be humans and animals.

People use them for fun.

Farmers use their water to irrigate.

They provide drinking water.

Why are rivers and lakes important?

Let's Go


Past tense "to be"

I was hiking in the mountains.

Present participle

The past progressive tense is used to describe an ongoing action that was happening in the past.The past progressive tense is formed by using the past tense of the verb "to be" (was/were) with the present participle (-ing form) of the main verb.

Past Progressive

I was watering the plants.
We were fishing in the lake.
He was hiking along the river.
The river was flowing.
The river is flowing.He is hiking along the river.We are fishing in the lake.I am watering the plants.

Change to the past progressive.


Write a story in the past progressive about a trip you took to a lake or river last week.


Let's Go







Let's Go

ReadingA River Walk

A young explorer named Emma set out on an exciting journey along a winding river.As Emma walked by the river, she saw children laughing and skipping stones. "They were having fun," Emma thought, watching their joyful faces.

Continuing her journey, Emma noticed a patient fisherman casting his line. "He was hoping for a catch," Emma whispered, intrigued by his focus.Further along, Emma discovered families enjoying a lakeside picnic. "They were feasting together," Emma smiled, captivated by the lively atmosphere.

Emma then encountered a stunning waterfall. "It was breathtaking," Emma exclaimed, in awe of the natural beauty.As the day came to a close, Emma sat on the riverbank, feeling calm. She sat there and was thinking about her wonderful day.

Key words: river, lake, waterfall, riverbank

Talk about the story.


Difficult or not pleasant.


Difficult or not pleasant.