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The first floor of the Student Life Building offers a convenient and central location on campus, it is easily accessible to students. It is a nice place for group and individual study, with a big screen for group study sessions, discussions, project works and presentations. You can also look at the beautiful campus heart from the first floor.

SLB 1st Floor Lounge

This space serve as meeting points where students can engage in casual conversations, exchange ideas, and expand their social networks. Students can come together to study, brainstorm ideas, or work on group projects which encourages teamwork and facilitate knowledge sharing among peers. It also provides a hub for students to gather, interact, and build a sense of community. These interactions can lead to new friendships, professional connections, and opportunities for personal growth.

SLB Ground Floor: Social

While studying in this space, one can access the Student Success services. The Student Success Team provides academic support, one-to-one guidance, and study skills workshops. They can assist with academic planning, and goal setting, and provide advice on choosing the right courses or modules. In addition, one can also access help for well-being services. Overall it is beneficial for students to get comprehensive support, and personalised assistance, and focus on student development and well-being throughout their time at the university.

SLB 1st Floor study space

This space provides opportunities for students to unwind, relax, and take a break from academic pressures, it contribute to overall well-being by reducing stress levels and promoting mental health. This space also provides networking opportunities, While here, students have the chance to interact with peers from different classes or academic backgrounds. This can foster networking opportunities, enabling the exchange of ideas and study strategies.


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