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Lucas's awesome travel experiences (Switzerland and UK)

Enjoy and don't talk, or else I will slap you (JKJK)

Of course, I had to pack up, and get stuff such as money, ID and all that stuff ready. What is it?
  • Had to get some cash and a debit card ready for the situation
  • Of course I had to pack stuff such as clothes (pretty standard stuff and a jean jacket) and stuff such as a toothbrush and hygiene products (take care of yourself, folks)
  • You probably know me, I can't go abroad without tech around me. Here's a list in the next page.
  • And i brought many other fun stuff, so stay tuned if you are curious.

What did I need before traveling?

  • A backpack of course.
  • A ThinkPad.
  • A 10k mAh battery pack.
  • A BlackBerry Bold to communicate and listen to music (new phones suck)
  • Wired earphones to listen to nice music.
  • iPad and stylus (for notetaking when needed and communicating on online platforms)
  • A jean jacket for cold nights (beautiful)
  • Chargers and cables
  • Nintendo Switch
  • A DSLR camera
  • Sunglasses (The sun is way too bright)
  • My home at my back (I am a snail)

What did you bring, silly?

I went to the airport in Lisbon and waited for the airplane. Then I played some AC there and many other stuff, and after many hours I arrived at Switzerland. I went to the hotel, left everything I brought there and went out to explore this fantastic country. I've been talking to a friend from this country a while ago and we decided to meet up and talk and have some fun. And in the night, I went to my hotel room to pick up my jacket, and we went to a metal concert and enjoyed ourselves. In the next day, we went to visit Zurich, enjoy the beauty of this place, and take some pictures. Fast forward to the 3rd day, I went to a shop that sold stuff such as Swiss army knives and watches, and picked one of each. And in the last day, I just packed everything back up, and went to the airport to go to the UK.

The experience (Switzerland)

After I arrived at the UK, I went to the hotel, left all my stuff there, and went to sleep because it was already too late. In the next day, I went to meet up with some people in person, talked for quite a while, and then we went for a walk through the streets and I brought my DSLR to take some pictures and we enjoyed the moment. Tonight, we went to a Band of Skulls concert and enjoyed it. Next day, I went shopping for British stuff, and basically just exploring the country a little more. Third day, I went to London and took some nice pictures and went to a nice restaurant, and in the last day, I packed back up and went back to Lisbon.

My experience in the UK

So this was my presentation about visiting two countries from Europe, being Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In my opinion, I don't have a preference for one of these countries as they're both very nice. This is my presentation about visiting two countries in Europe and I just got it over with. Anyway, thanks for listening, and peace out.


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