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Inbound Ideas



Allocation of Additional Resources: We must assign an extra team member to help alleviate the workload and expedite the resolution of pending requests. This additional support will significantly contribute to reducing the backlog and ensuring that all customer queries are addressed promptly.

Focus on One-Call Resolution: Our primary goal should be to resolve customer issues during the initial interaction. To achieve this, it is crucial that we enhance the preparation of our agents.

Addressing Invalid Requests: Invalid or unnecessary requests consume valuable time and hinder our ability to serve other customers promptly. We must take steps to minimize such instances and optimize our resources. To this end, we should consider implementing penalties for repeated mistakes, emphasizing the importance of accuracy and attentiveness when processing requests.


Balancing Request Distribution: certain types of requests tend to take longer to resolve than others, resulting in an imbalance in workload distribution. We need to reevaluate our approach and distribute these requests more evenly among our agents. This will ensure a fair and efficient allocation of resources and help us achieve a smoother workflow.

Leveraging Tenured Agents: During periods of high call volumes or extended queue times, we should consider utilizing our more experienced agents to assist their colleagues. By leveraging their expertise, we can provide better support to our customers and expedite the resolution of their issues. This cross-team collaboration will be vital in managing the workload effectively.

Agent Satisfaction and Incentives: We recognize that happy agents are more likely to deliver exceptional service. To boost agent morale and motivation, we should introduce performance incentives such as spiffs for achieving perfect call scores. Recognizing and rewarding exemplary performance will not only improve agent satisfaction but also enhance the overall customer experience.

Resolving the current backlog and improving our customer service standards demand our collective effort and commitment. We are separate teams, but to WIN Together, we must help each other.