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Innovation & Technology

Technical Talent Development Program

This program is an opportunity for Getronics talent to develop technical skills across various technological areas.The learning journey along each of the twelve paths comprises of three phases:1. IT Foundation Trainings (NorthStar) 2. Essential Training (NorthStar) 3. ’On the Job’ Training (shadowing) with senior buddies assinged.Upon completion of your learning journey, you will soon have a chance to put your new knowledge to use.

To apply - Discuss your field of interest with your line manager and ask for their support. If you are ready to take the challenge, your line manager will enroll you to the program.If you have any program related queries please contact Niki, Technical and Improvement Analyst at - nikolett.papp@getronics.com and for North Star-related queries please contact us at - northstar@getronics.com

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This course covers the fundamentals of running and maintaining corporate networks and security infrastructure by delving into access points management, load balancers, routing, switching and firewall-related activities.

In this course you will learn about the virtualization of servers, how storage is connected, virtual networks are created and how to control many physical and virtual devices from a single software tool.

This Wintel course will introduce you to some of the key Wintel activities such as file server, print server and Active Directory management.

This course will provide the fundamentals in understanding and supporting the Microsoft 365 platform which includes Azure Active Directory, Teams, Exchange Online, Yammer and One Drive.

As part of the Unified Endpoint Management learning path, you will learn about the Windows client operating system, AD group policy and elements of the Microsoft Intune product family (MCM and Intune)

In this course you will learn the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and gain experience in the management, usage and understanding of related events.

In the DBA Oracle learning plan, you can delve into learning about Oracle system.

In the DBA PostgreSQL learning plan, you can delve into learning PostgreSQL system.

Managed Network and Security

Unix – Linux

Unified Endpoint Management (Workspace)

Managed Cloud (Virtualization)

Wintel (Windows Server OS)

Unified Collaboration

Database Administration Support: Oracle

Database Administration Support: PostgreSQL

In the DBA SQL learning plan, you can delve into learning about SQL Serverand contribute to the work of DBA team who provides remote database administration services for 1500+ database instances across several different customers.

In the DBA MySQL learning plan, you can delve into learning about MySQL system.

Database Administration Support: SQL

Database Administration Support: MySQL

Managed Cloud (Virtualization)

In this course you will learn about the underlying infrastructure of the cloud storage solution and how PowerStore is used to present storage.

As part of the Managed Cloud – Backup learning path, candidates will learn about the underlying infrastructure of our cloud backup solution and how Netbackup is used to manage backups.

Managed Cloud (Storage)

Managed Cloud (Back Up)

The Program starts with IT foundation and includes post-training mentoring.

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Technical Talent Devolopment Program

A Pathway is a curated video course, led by one or more industry experts and covering fundamental concepts and key learnings pivotal for understanding a subject area. Watch all videos in a pathway to attain a shareable, downloadable certificate.