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Taken from Culture Amp’s Playbook on safe spaces:https://healios.eu.cultureamp.com/app/playbooks/ideas/47

Safe Spaces

Why?Research shows unhappy workers are less productive, so providing your team a safe space from all that is going on in their world is important for a good culture and overall happiness in a workplace. Work stress is also on the rise, affecting 60% of employees. Providing a safe space is key to making employees feel secure as it will help morale, reduce stress and improve the overall work life balance. Psychological safety is being able to show and employ one's self without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career (Kahn 1990). In psychologically safe teams, team members feel accepted and diversity is respected.

Promote psychological safety in your team.Create a safe space for employees to express themselves, to feel okay being vulnerable and be themselves. A safe spaces allows employees to feel they can let their guard down and ask for assistance, trial new things even if they don't get it right and have an opposing view to their manager and peers. Remotely, these conversations can be shared on a video or call, both 1 on 1 or with a small group of people (we suggest no more than six).

What a safe space looks like can vary, but it can be something as simple as a group of people who hold similar values and provide each other with a safe, supportive, engaging and respectful environment. Let participants know the purpose of the conversation and set up the meeting with the intent that people can share as much of themselves as required, and conversations are kept confidential between the team..Create a safe space by: