Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


So, what is your IKIGAI?




What the world NEEDS


What you LOVE


What you can BE PAID FOR

What you are GOOD AT

So, what is your IKIGAI?

So, what is your SENTENCE?

So, what is your PURPOSE?

So, why you do what you do?

  • What do you never get bored of?
  • What makes you smile?
  • When do you feel happiest?
  • What 5 things do you cherish most?
  • What were you doing when you last lost track of time?
  • In the past, what has left you feeling energized?
  • Who are the people you love spending time with?
  • What did you love to do as a child?
  • If you were financially secure, what would you do with your time?
  • Is there an activity, person, or place that you never get bored of?
  • What activities make you lose track of time?
  • What aspects of your life make you feel alive and energized?
  • What do you feel passionate about?
  • What are your values, and how do you use them every day?
  • Where do you find beauty?
  • If you could be the best at one thing, what would it be?
  • What can you not stop talking about outside of the workplace?
  • What would you continue to do even if you did not get paid?
  • What would you choose to do with your time if you did not have to worry about making money?
  • How would you spend your perfect weekend?
  • What excites you when you do it?
  • What could you talk about for hours on end?
  • What skills do you spend time practicing?
  • What do people approach you for help with?
  • Have you ever won an award?
  • What skills do you list on your resume?
  • Is there something you would like to be good at?
  • To what activities have you ever devoted over 100 hours practicing or learning?
  • If you had to teach something, what would you teach?
  • What skills or talents come naturally to you?
  • What do you excel at even when you are not trying?
  • What makes you feel good about yourself?
  • What do other people compliment you about?
  • What achievements are you proud of?
  • Do you get excited about developing your skills in this area further?
  • What parts of your current job come to you easily?
  • In what activity do you excel in your social circle, workplace, or community?
  • With some more education and experience, could you be among the best at what you do?
  • What do the people in your immediate society need?
  • Is there something about the way the world works that you want to change?
  • How can you contribute positively to those around you?
  • Think of 3 skills you have that are in high demand.
  • What changes would you like to bring about in the world?
  • What can you do or offer that would bring meaning to others?
  • If you could get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
  • How do you help others?
  • What can you teach others?
  • What kind of contribution would you love to make in life?
  • What problems in your society would you like to help solve?
  • What issues in your community or the whole world touch you emotionally?
  • Will your work still be relevant a decade from now?
  • What would you like to see people do more of or differently?
  • What is the world lacking?
  • How could you be more involved in your community?
  • What have you been paid for before?
  • What would you be doing if you were not in your current job?
  • What do people need? Do you think they would be happy to pay for it?
  • Can doing this give you the income you want/need right now?
  • Can you make a good living doing this work in the long term?
  • Are people willing to part with their resources to pay for what you have to offer?
  • What does the competition look like - can you spot a niche?
  • Which jobs, positions, or tasks spark your interest?
  • Are you already making a good living in your line of work?