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definition: very old / a long time ago.

definition: a group of people born at roughly the same time

definition: another period in time about 2500 years ago.

definition: people that are on holiday

definition: a period in time about 2000 years ago.

definition: a scientist who studies the planets and stars.

The northern lights have been fascinating generations of people since ancient times. These beautiful waves of light are often known as auroras and are located near the North Pole. They attract millions of tourists every year. The Northern Lights in History. In 1619, the astronomer Galileo Galilei named the lights Aurora Borealis. He named them after Aurora the Roman goddess of the morning and Boreas the Greek god of the north wind. However, A story from 2600 BC in China is thought to be the oldest written report of the lights.

Date: Thursday 22nd JuneWALT: use a range of domain skills Title: The Northern Lights.

definition: a set of stories or beliefs from the Viking times (which was 3000 years ago).

definition: a made up creature / animal normally from stories from a long time ago

Throughout history, different cultures have had various ideas about what exactly the lights are and how they are made. In Viking mythology, these waves were thought to be the reflection of sunlight off of the Valkyries’ armour. According to a legend from Finland, it was the trail left by a mythical creature called a firefox as he ran across the night sky. It wasn’t until 1903 that a Norwegian scientist called Kristian Birkeland worked out exactly what created them.

definition: a gas that makes up much of the air in Earth’s atmosphere.

definition: is the most common gas found on or in Earth. It is one of the main elements that make up air, and it is necessary for the survival of all plants and animals.

definition: acts like an invisible shield around Earth that protects it from dangerous things, like radiation from the sun. It is created by the rotation of the Earth and Earth's core.

definition: is wind from the sun. The particles are dangerous to astronauts and spacecraft.

How are they created? Solar winds are sent from the Sun’s outer layer and then travel quickly towards the Earth at speeds of up to 45 million miles per hour. Our planet’s magnetic field redirects these waves and sends them towards the poles. There they mix with nitrogen and oxygen gases in the air. When combined with the winds, nitrogen gases tend to create red waves of light and oxygen produces green ripples in the sky. Due to shorter days in winter, this season is thought to be the best time to see the lights.Did You Know...? In 2018, the Parker Solar Probe was sent into space to study the Sun and solar winds.

definition: curve.

definition: a person who was in someone's family in past times : one of the people from whom a person is descended.

Other auroras. Other auroras can be seen on Earth. Near the South Pole, the Aurora Australis can be seen between March and September. Nearer to the middle of the Earth, mauve and green streaks and arcs found in the night skies are known as STEVE, which stands for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement. Seeing the northern lights is a ‘must do’ for millions of people on Earth. Someday, maybe we can join them and enjoy the incredible display as our ancestors did before us. Did You Know...? Similar lights can be seen on other planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn.