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Welcome to the Historic England Digital Skills Assessment for Microsoft Teams. This section focuses on testing your practical knowledge on meetings. Click START to erm, start

How can you join a Microsoft Teams meeting?

By accessing the meeting through the Teams mobile app.

By sending an email request to the meeting organizer.

By clicking the meeting link provided in the calendar invitation.

Question 1/3 Join a Teams meeting:

Microsoft Teams does not allow users to customize their background during a meeting.



Question 2/3 Use a background in a meeting:

Add a participant who was not originally invited to the meeting. Which button do you need to click on first?

Question 3/3 Add additional participants to a meeting:

Congratulations! Well done on completing all the questions.


To join a Teams meeting, participants typically need to click the meeting link provided in the calendar invitation. This will open the meeting in the Teams app or web browser, allowing them to connect to the meeting.