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Teacher: Sónia Ganhão
Pedro Custódio Nº1956 Chemistry22/23

Final Assignment - Module 3


INternet of things


· My opinion on impact of IoT gadget

· Future IoT gadget

· Home IoT gadget

· Personal IoT gadget

· What is IOF

· Introducion

· Index

· Timeline


In this work I will tell you about the IoT gadget. These IoT are objects that are connected to the internet and that we use daily. IoT can be found everywhere, such as at home, schools, supermarkets, etc...




What is that ??

Personal IoT gadgets/tools

What is the mobile phone? What is it for?


Personal IoT gadgets/tools

What is the computer and headphones? What is it for?

Computer and headphones

Personal IoT gadgets/tools

What is the Playstation? What is it for?


Personal IoT gadgets/tools

Home IoT gadgets/tools

What is that ??

What is the Television? What is it for?

Home IoT gadgets/tools


What is the Vacuum cleaner? What is it for?

Home IoT gadgets/tools

Smart vacuum cleaner

What is the Air conditioning? What is it for?

Home IoT gadgets/tools

Air conditioning

What is the Fridge? What is it for?

Home IoT gadgets/tools


Future IoT gadgets

What is the Vision Pro? What is it for?

Vision Pro

3 300€

Vision Pro

- work better on technologies. - enjoy unique experiences inside. - save other things, instead of having a television, computer, cell phone, we only have that.


- Walking around with glasses bigger than our head. - We cannot see people's real faces.- We can lose track of the real world through these glasses.


- People's behavior in relation to new technologies. - They could lose track of our world. - Creating robots that are too smart.- Creating robots for medicine.

Impact of IoT gadgets in our future

- IoT can bring us many benefits but sometimes things go wrong. we have to be careful with what we invent and how we use it, we don't want to lose this society.