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Human Resource Planning

  • align the future human resources to future organizational strategies and needs.
  • ensure that an organization is always equipped with the right number and kind of people, at the right place and time.

Human Resource Planning

This is a process that forecasts the company’s future manpower demand by analyzing the current supply and the gaps if any. Its main goals are to:

  • Change in employment-related legislations or acts
  • Change in the policies of the government
  • Change in labour market conditions and business trends
  • Change in economic conditions
  • Changes in technology

External factors

  • Objectives and policies of an organisation
  • Employee-related policies
  • Job analysis
  • Management decision and strategies
  • Competencies and skills of the HR department
  • Information about budget and human resource inventory

Internal factors


Proper planning inlcudes selection, training, development, utilization, transfer, promotion, motivation and compensation.

Planning the Necessary Programmes

Human Resource Planning Features

Anticipating Manpower Problems by Projecting Present Resources

Comparing projections with the forecast of requirements.

Making an Inventory of Present Manpower Resources

After making the inventory; assessment has to be done to optimally employ resources.

Use mathematical projections to project trends in the economic environment.

Formed by organisational objectives and goals in its strategic planning and operating planning.

Forecasting Future Manpower Requirements

Well Defined Objectives

Matching Demand and Supply of HR

Supply Forecasting

Forecasting HR Demand

Analyzing the Organizational Plans

Process of Human Resource Planning

Assessing Current Human Resources

Job Analysis

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