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Presentation against descriptions




this presentation talks about how much descrimination and violence is in the world

green book

This film is initialy about a bouncer of Italian origin but resident in America ,after th closure of the place where he worked , he is hired by a African-American ,were he was to accompany him on tour in the South America where racial segregation is still in force . The musician then gives him the "green book"tour guide of the hotels and restaurants where the people African-American could go without being segregated

Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

Here you can include a relevant fact to highlight

at first the two did not have a good relationship but Tony Lip noticed that Don Shirley had a real talent for playing the piano,but also that hang votes were described by there who hosted .In fact ,tony began to understand his discomfort , after an episode happened in a local where only whites people had acces ,when Don Shirley is beaten by them and Lip defends him


When the last one concert arrived , Don Shirley is described and tony defend him but they arrested conviced them paying .After returned to New York hosted the musician for lunch

I love this film because there isn't a different skin color black and white defference zero