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The English government

The form of government of the United Kingdom is the parliamentary monarchy. There is a king or a monarch, but the government is exercised by a group of people chosen by the citizens.The system of this country does not have a written constitution, but is made up of a set of approved ordinary laws.


The government has executive power. The head of government is the prime minister, the leader of the party with the most members in the House.

The government

The monarch

Common law

The legal system (common law) is governed by a set of unwritten and undisclosed standards. the judge when making a decision, relies on the resolution made in other similar cases of the past.The monarch is the head of state and his functions are representative. He also holds the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

-House of Lords (upper house): It has no fixed number and its members are not elected by the citizens. There are two types of Lords: the temporary, appointed by the monarch, and the spiritual (the archbishops and some of the bishops of the Church of England)

The parliament

Legislative power is in the hands of Parliament, whose seat is in the Palace of Westminster, in London. Parliament has a bicameral model:-House of Commons (lower house) It has 650 members, who are elected by free universal suffrage every five years.

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