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Who are the main characters

George Hadley: He is the father of the family and husband of Lydia. He is a successful businessman and is concerned about the negative impact of technology on his children. Lydia Hadley: She is the mother of the family and wife of George. At the beginning of the story, she feels uncomfortable with the automated house and is worried about the lack of emotional connection between their children and themselves.


Peter Hadley: He is the eldest son of George and Lydia. He and his sister, Wendy, are obsessed with the virtual reality room and its African environment, "The Veldt." Wendy Hadley: She is the youngest daughter of George and Lydia. Like her brother, she is fully immersed in the virtual reality room and displays a defiant attitude towards her parents.



In raising their children, the parents have made several mistakes, such as allowing excessive control over technology and not setting clear boundaries. Some examples of these mistakes include: Not adequately supervising the use of the virtual reality room. Allowing the children to create a violent and dangerous virtual environment in "The Veldt." Not setting time limits for technology usage. Not addressing concerns and warning signs about their children's behavior in a timely manner.

David McLean arrives at the house at the end of the story because he is a psychologist who works for the company that built the HappyLife Home. He arrives to assess the situation and see what is happening with the family. What could happen next is that David McLean analyzes the problems and decides what actions to take to resolve the situation and help the family.