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Specially Designed Instruction

Specailly Designed Instruction is...

Developed through an evaluation and determination of the impact of the student's disability

Implemented based on the developed annual goals, accommodations and/or modifications, and instructional and/or related services

Progress Monitored using data collection to determine if the student is successful

Students who qualify for specially designed instruction need targeted, research-based, interventions rather than “help”

Surgery, not Triage

When a child has a fever

we may treat at home with Tylenol.

This is one intervention for a fever

If the fever continues or gets worse

we will probably take them to a Doctor

we want a diagnosis for what is causing the fever

Would you go back to giving the baby Tylenol? Or is there a more targeted treatment?

Once there is a diagnosis....

double ear infection

We can think of Specially Designed Instruction like this....

We notice a studnet struggling

We try interventions that work for most kids

We evaluate how that intervention is working using data

We evaluate how that intervention is working using data

Then we may look to a professional for a diagnosis

At that point, we would use what we know about the student and research based interventions to make an individualized plan to meet their needs.

This is Specially Designed Instruction