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We don't know a lot abuot the life of Aphra Benn. She born in 1640 and travelled to Surinam, when she came back to England she married a man named Benn, but when he died she ran out of money and after a little time, working for the king she got improsoned, when she starts writing.The work that we're going to talk about is Oroonoko. Oroonoko tells the story of the prince Oroonoko and his wife Imoinda. They were captured on the Gold Coast, became slaves. Here Imoinda becomes pregnat so to free his family Oroonoko orgainaised a slave revolt, which didn't gone well, so Oroonoko to let his family not live as slaves kills Imoinda and his unborden child and himself

Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660, he was educated in a puritan school but he left it and became a merchant. In 1682 he was arrested for debts and after his relese starts travelling around the Europe. In 1700 Defoe turned as a journalist in London and in 1704 founded The Rewiew.He started writing prose in his late life at almost sixty he pubblishield Robison Crusoe. Robinson Crusoe is based on the real story of the seaman Alexander Selkirk. Robison Crusoe could be divided in two books the one when he got kidnapped by the Moors and managed to escape in Brazil, and the other one when he shipwrecked as only survivor, he remained on this island for 28 years. We remember this book for the legendary figure of Robinson, in fact he became an hunter, a builder and managed all the aventure that figured out. He even colonised the native that he met, giving him a name and teaching him his languege and embrace his religion.

Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin in 1667, he studied at the Trinity Collage, but the Glorius Revolution constricted him to move in London in 1688. After several transfers for political trubles he setted in Dublin in 1713 where he died in 1745. His most important work is Gulliver's Travel, which is made by four books: In the first he shipwreck in the island of the Lilliput, where he met the Lilliputian, small peaple who call him Man Mountain. In the second part he finds himself in Brodbingnag, where the peaple are giants and call him homunculus. He stays here until a Brodbignag eagle carries him off In the third voyage Gulliver visits the land of Laputa, which is airborne. The Laputans are peaple who devote them lifes to music, mathematics and abrastract speculations. In the last part he discorvers a utopian land where the Yahoos and Houynhnms live. The Yahoos are stupid and vicius, and similar to human, meanwhile the Houynhnms are inteliggent horses. Evem if the Houynhnms treat him well they consider him as one of the Yahoos, so he came back to his house, but understand that he can't tollarete the society like the Houynhnms can't tollerate the Yahoos

Samuel Richardson born in Derbyshire in 1689, he had a very basic education, and became a printer. He wrote his first novel at 51, Pamela which became a success. Pamela Andrews, is a maidservant who work for a wealthy family. Mr B, is attracted to Pamela and tries to seduce her, but she never gave him the possibility and manages to protect her virtue. In the first part of the novel Pamela writes letters to her family. In the second part Mr. B improson her in his country house. Pamela continues writing letters to her parents, but she never know if the them have recived that. The book end with Pamela marrie Mr.B, and she obtain a social position that only women from upper classes could obtain in this period

The island where Robinson Crusoe really ecsist, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in the archipelago of Juan Fernandez distant 700km from Chile's coast