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The United states



6. Advantages vs Disadvantages


7. Economy

5. Cities more visited in the USA

4. Typical food

3. Characteristics

2. Language

1. Introduction


The United States is a country of 50 states that occupy an extensive strip of north America, with Alaska in the northwest and Hawaii extending the country´s presence in The Pacífico Océan. Among the big cities in the USA are : New york; a global financial and cultural center, the capital,Washington D.C, Chicago, a mindwestern city, fomous for its architectural influence and, on the west coast, Hollywood, Los Angeles which is fomous for the film industry.

2. lAnguage

The United States does not have an official language, but some states indicate English as an official language. Although English is the most widely used language in the United States its inhabilítants comminicate in more than 350 languages.

They use many colloquial words,called in English "slang",acronyus and they can even use rudeness and profanity.

They interact in a familiar and close way,without protocolor pre-established patters.

They dress and have fun in an informal wa.y


Hamburgers and cheese burgers: the hamburguer is perhaps the most American dish of all. In fact, the way it´s prepared(bread, meat, lettuce,tomate,pickle and cheese) originated in the United States.Fast food is quick, relatively cheap, and made by someone other than you or a family member. America is a country with plenty of hard-working citizens, so time and money are often highly valued. It is pretty simple to swing your car into a drive-through and order an inexpensive meal for the family within minutes.

4. Typical food

1. New york2. Miami3. San Francisco4. Washinton

5. Cities more visited in the USA

  • Studies are excessively expensive.
  • Work does give the same benefits as another country
  • Companies are not obliged to give your vacations
  • Without your own vehicle, it will be difficult for you to live
  • Classic immigration country
  • The First modern democracy
  • One the most powerful nations in the world
  • The largest and most importan economy on the planet

6. ADvantnages vs DIsadvantages

The United States is a highly developed mixed economy.It is the world's largest economy by nominal GDP, and the second-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP) behind China.

7. Economy

8. Politics

His form of government is known as presidential democracy because there is a president. The election of the president is indirect through delegates or large voters.Living in the United States has many good things. The United States has a strong economy and many job opportunities. It is also a country with excellent health and education. In addition, there is a lot of diversity in the United States, which allows people to experience different cultures and lifestyles.The 46th president and current president of the United States is Joseph R. Biden, who was sworn in on January 20, 2021

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