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created for Ramón and Christian
5. the passage you like the least
4. the passage you like the most

3. description of the main charapters

2. a summary of the plot
1. opinion general and genre of the book

rip van winkle



The genre of the story is fantasy In our opinion it is a fascinating story that gives us nostalgia and transition. In general, the story is a literary classic that is still exciting

the genre and opinion

+ info


It tells the story of a man named Rip Van Winkle who lives in a town in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Rip meets a stranger in the mountains and after drinking with him falls asleep. When Rip wakes up he finds out that you have been sleeping for 20 years on the mountain. When he returns to town, his wife is dead, his children are grown, the American War of Independence has

4º.children:they are the sons of rip van winkle
3º.the stranger: It is the character he met in the mountains and with whom he drinks before falling asleep,
2º.dame van winkle: She is a bitter nagging woman who is always criticizing her husband for his lack of responsibility.
1º. rip van winkle: is the protagonist of the story who prefers to spend his time drinking instead of working and taking care of his wife and children


The part we liked the most was when he started playing with the strange people.

the passage we liked the most

we liked the whole story

the passage we liked least

It is a fascinating legend that combines elements of horror, mystery and humor. Skillfully combines different literary genres to create a unique and exciting story
the genre is ficcion
opinion and genre


The protagonist is Ichabod who is a school teacher, Ichabod is in love with a young woman named Catrina. Ichabod goes to a party at Catrina's house where he has fun, after a while he meets a headless horseman, the next day Ichabod disappeared and the horse was found in the woods.


4º.baltus van tassel :he is catrina's father


3. Catrina:The daughter of a rich man that Ichabod is in love with her.

2. The Headless Horseman:He is the mysterious character who chases ichabod at night.

1. ichabod crame:He is in love with Catrina and confronts the mysterious Headless Horseman.

It was when he began to flee from the supposed headless horseman

the passage we liked the most


We also have nothing we don't like like the other story

the passage we liked least

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