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Products that help preserve the environment

“Edible” water bottle: Skipping Rocks Lab developed this packaging with edible water bubbles, called “Ooho!”. The product coated with natural seaweed extract is biodegradable and decomposes in four to six weeks. It is the sustainable answer to the problem of plastic bottles, which, even though they are recyclable, end up discarded in the environment and end up in the seas, even remaining intact in the stomachs of marine animals.

edible water bottle

Bamboo cutlery: they replace plastic cutlery. They are from a renewable source, completely national, biodegradable and do not contain Bisphenol A, a synthetic plastic compound, which is harmful to health.

bamboo cutlery

ink made with pollution

Air ink (ink made with pollution): with a production process harmful to the planet, the pens we normally use have ink produced from fossil fuel. Kaalink has developed a device that, when installed in the exhaust pipes of vehicles and industrial chimneys, collects polluting residues and particles to produce paint.

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