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Aretha Franklin

7.Why does she represent the african-american culture ?

8.Why must she be in the National Museum of African- American Music ?

6. Her success

5. Her militants musics

4. What kind of woman was she ? How did she militate ?

3.Her musical journey

2. Presentation

1.Why this choice ?


1.Why this choice ?


  • 25th march 1942-16th agust 2018
  • Singer, pianist, songwritter
  • Activist
  • Jazz, blues, gospel, soul
  • The Queen Of the Soul

Her musical journey

  • Soloist in a choral at 11
  • J.V.B records at 14
  • First album : Songs of Faith in 1956
  • 33 albums
  • 75 million copies
  • Respect, A natural woman, Think


  • Black rights's activist next to Martin Luther King
  • Feminist
  • Woman fighter
  • Spokesperson
  • Musics
  • Appeared on stage with Martin Luther King and Barack Obama
  • Present at gatherings for civil rights
  • Sang at Martin Luther king's funerals in 1968

Her militants musics

  • Respect (1967) : became a feminist anthem, fight symbol for the african-american community
  • Chain of Fools : protest music agaisnt the Viêt Nam's war
  • Sisters Are Doin' it For Themselves :feminist. Imagined a world where the womans could break free of sexist life around them.

Her success

  • 18 Grammy Award
  • First woman to integrate the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • National medal of arts under the presence of Bill Clinton
  • Presidential medal of the liberty
  • Ranked first in the ranking of the best singers of all the time by the Rolling Stone's magazin in 2010 and 2023

Why does she represent the african- american culture ?

  • Activist woman for black rights
  • Musics
  • She inspired a lot of african-american singers

Why must she be in the National Museum of African-American music ?

  • Activist
  • Became aware of the world around her and acted for help Black people to gain equality in America
  • Musics
  • Being present in the gatherings
  • She inspired a lot of african-american singers : Beyoncé, Whitney Houston...
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