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Aleydis Ferreyra Miranda


Chilis and spicy food

If you recently arrived in Mexico you musn't eat spicy food you have to ask if it has chili as an ingrdient if it doesn't you can eat it calmy, because it could cause stomach irritation.


Measuring time is a journey since we have "AHORITA" as a time span of 5 minutes or 30 years. But this way of measuring time is not to be alowed to any context, you must know when to use it

Day of the Dead

You can't be in Mexico and not celebrate the Day of the Dead, you must have at least one friend who can teach you what is done, you must definitely live that experiencie.


Corn is the mainstay of the mexicans diet, you should know that we don't only eat tortillas corn can be used in many recipes, so don't worry


Axolots are endemic animals of Mexico, if ypu like them you should know that it is not to be allowed to take them out of their ecosystem, you can take them with you but you must obtain the necessary permits to do so legally and only to preserve the species.

Books to read

Some books you must read are:

  • Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo
  • Aura by Carlos Fuentes
  • Balún Canán by Rosario Castellanos
  • Leonora by Elena Poniatowska

¡Have a good time during your stay in Mexico!