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The roll of photography in cinema Cinematography is the discipline of capturing and composing images for motion pictures. The cinematographer, also known as the director of photography (DP), is responsible for translating the director's vision into visual images.

Wesley Wales Anderson is an American filmmaker. His films are known for their eccentricity, unique visual and narrative styles,] and frequent use of ensemble casts. They often contain themes of loss of inocence and dysfunctional families.

Composition in cinematography Refers to the arrangement and placement of visual elements within the frame of a shot. It involves making deliberate choices about what to include or exclude from the frame, how to position subjects or objects, and how to create a visually pleasing and meaningful image. Composition plays a vital role in conveying the intended message, emphasizing important elements, and guiding the viewer's attention.

THE COLOR IN FILM PHOTOGRAPHY The use of color in the movies helps a lot to want to express what we want in that scene, even thanks to this it has been possible to give great parallels that have an important event in advance. All this thanks to the management of color psychology. Also thanks to this use, we can give a first impression of our characters closer to what we want them to represent, whether it is pleasant or not.

THE STOPMOTION It is an animation technique that consists of pretending the movement of static objects through a series of successive fixed images. There are many frame by frame animation procedures, this is because this animation technique is an artistic procedure and each author adapts said technique to what he wants to express. For this reason, frame by frame animation has a great wealth of methods and variants.

The message is the key... Photography has the power to convey messages , even without ussing a word, the correct composition of a scene can achieve an aesthetic phenomenom in the viewer, making it acquire sentimental value. There are many movies with emotional messages and life lessons to share, movies that make you reflect on your life.

Cinematic lighting is lighting for film that evokes a feeling and has a style. It’s the lighting we see in the movies we watch, be they big budget or independent. While the term cinematic lighting is not a precise term and is in fact very subjective, there are some lighting techniques that generally lead to this look.

THE CINEMATOGRAPHER... Is essential on the world of the cinema, without him nothing exist, his knowledge is based on capturing the perfect image, he knows the camera and masters the theory. The decisions of the director of photography must be made wisely, in addition to the fact that he must know how to work together with his entire team.