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Taylor Swift

BIOGRAPHY She is Taylor Swift, she is a very famous singer (but also she did other artistic occupations like acting and she is her own producer). She was born in Pennsylvania (United States) the 13 of December 1989, now she's 33 years old. Her parents are Andrea Swift and Scott Swift, and she has a brother that is called Austin Swift. Also she was in a couple with Joe Alwyn a very famous actor, but this year, they broke up.

WHAT SHE SAYS? She always says that in her lyrics of her songs she explains all the things that happened to her as if it were her own diary. She says that sometimes she felt alone and that's the way that she feels her best. WHAT HAVE SAY TO HER? A few years ago she had a product or that was a very bad man, cause when he saw all the benefits that she has with the songs that he produces, the producer say to her that wants all the benefits. Obiosly, Taylot talk to him, but finally, she has to produce again her albums but now alone and with this have all the benefits.

WHAT IS SHE MY HERO? Taylor is my hero because I think that is a very brave girl because she has suffered a lot and however, she keeps making music and following her dreams. And for sure, I think that her music is very good and she is very good doing this. Also, she is a hard worker because she works a lot to make her music and basically she does almost all the work to make an album. She did 10 albums, Fearless, Red, Even more, Reputation, Lover... This is some of them, and something that makes her work very special is because each album is full of songs of different types of music, like pop, her first album was a country...