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Student: Joana Melro Nº4

Work-related training

Identify the role of the Health Care Technician in the different contexts of action


Identify the rights and duties of the Health Assistant.



Identify the main activities of the Health Technician's professional profile.


Everything that exists and lives needs to be taken care of to continue to exist! A plant, a child, an elderly person... Everything that lives needs to be fed! So care, the essence of human life, needs to be continually fed! Care lives from the love of the tenderness of the caress and from living together


The Health Technician and Assistant is the professional who assists in the provision of health care to users in the collection and transport of biological samples in cleaning and sanitization and transport of clothes and materials and equipment for cleaning and sanitizing spaces and providing logistical and administrative support for different health units and services under the guidance of the nurse in charge

Act according to ethical principles

Adapt and update to new products, materials, equipment and technologies!

Act according to norms and/or procedures

Concentrate on completing tasks!

Assume an attitude of continuous improvement

Some Duties of Assistant Health Technicians