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The dark site of the web





3. Effects of the cyberbullying


5.Pornography dangers

6. Cyber Predators and gromming


8.Dangers of social media


Some examples of cyberbullying are:

  • spread lies or pictures of the person
  • send messages or threats
  • pretending to be someone else so you can send insults to someone

Cyberbullying is the same as bullying, the only difference is that it is practiced through social networks.


cyberbullying has many consequences, they can be :

Effects of the cyberbulling


we feel upset, embarrassed, unable and sometimes angry


we feel ashamed and lose interest in the things we love


we may feel tired or lose sleep or we way experience headaches and stomachaches

And these comments can lead certain people to destroy their lives.

An example of a celebrity who suffered because of a photo on social networks was Camila Cabello. When she was at the beach on vacation and the paparazzi took lots of pictures of her without her permission.After these photos were published on the net all the people started calling her "fat" "ugly" "old" and many other things.

Anyone over the internet can post or share a more private self of another person, be it a famous person or a "simple" person whit a normal life, and whit just one photo that person can have is reputation spoiled.


These judgments can cause people to develop psychological illnesses and sometimes lead people to use drugs to forget about their problems or to commit suicide

These problems also happen to adults, when some more intimate image is displayed on the networks these people are threatened and judged

Sometimes teenagers share pornographic images with people on the internet without knowing who they really are and then use these images to threaten the people who sent them and force them to give them things.

Sometimes it can just be a picture of a kid in a bikini, but if it's seen by certain people who are "crazy" then it's pornography

Pornography Dangers

Many times these people lie and say that after the other person does what he is asking he will give him something in return.

Cybernetic predators are people who send us messages and ask us to do something that will harm us but will benefit this person, who may even be someone who has never seen us.

Cyber Predators and gromming

We can suffer a cybercrime just by making a payment for an alleged online purchase, because to make an online purchase we have to enter our bank details and we do not know who we are giving them to.

Cybercrime is something someone does online by tricking other people it can be a scam to steal money or personal data, impersonation


Cybercrime is something someone does online by tricking other people it could be scam, impersonation or many other things.

  • virtual scams
  • data breach
  • malware (virus)

Some of the dangers adults face are:

Adults suffer from the dangers of the internet too.

  • sexual abuse of minors
  • virtual harassment
  • sexual exploitation of minors

According to the website "welivesecurity" the three dangers of the internet for children and adolescents in recent years are:

A few years ago the internet was a "safe" place nowadays anything can happen while we are surfing the internet.

Dangers of social media

If an adult has banking applications with their data on their mobile phone and it suffers a hack, the hacker can access their bank account and withdraw money easily.

Malware (virus) is also one of the dangers of the internet. If your computer, tablet or mobile phone gets a virus it can collect your personal data and a hacker can easily get it


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