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devoir d'anglais où je présente un style de mode que j'aime :)


Sweet Lolita

What is this style ?

This fashion style named "Sweet Lolita" was born in Japan in the beginning of 2010.Lolita fashion has some range, you have sweet Lolita, Gothic lolita and classical lolita.This is a cute and girly style with a lot of pastel colors, it's a little bit childish and you look like a pretty doll.

Some example...

So I took this fashion style because I love it so much ! I love all the cute things and this style is so pretty and so colorful, it change a lot compared to the basic style that we can see everywhere but i love the fact that there are so much details in the dress and the accessorries wich make the outfit so perfect and if you wear it you feel like a princess !

Why I took this fashion style ?