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childhood memories

personality and appearance

When i was a child i was very talkative , very curios and very cheerful.While in physical appearance i was very tall and chubby

where i lived and and what my house was like

I was born in Foggia, Italy, and I live in the suburbs. my house is very small, cozy and modern

When I was little I usually played with my older cousin and my friends, I usually played at school in the park and also at my house

i played whit... , and i played...

When I was little my favorite game was "mother and daughter", playing dolls, with the ball and even at the fake wedding

I used to play at...

When I was little I liked to eat, dress up as princesses or fairies, and I liked listening to music. The things I didn't like were bathing and playing hide and seek.

things, animals, or activities that I liked and didn't like

My family gathers on weekends, birthdays, and holidays like Easter, Christmas etc.

my family gets together...

My responsibilities were to check on my cousins and sister because they were too young, fix the bed and help my mother with household chores.

What responsibilities did you have as a child?

When I was little I didn't have a pet but I would have liked to have a little dog

How did you treat your pets?

My parents when I was little didn't let me paint, talk to strangers, watch too much TV and eat too much candy

What didn't my parents make me do?

I learned to speak at one year, walk at sixteen months, I started school and I learned to write at six years old

When did I learn to...?