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made by: Afonso teixeira ;Mateus Oliveira

Environmental problems

Main problems and how we can solve these problems
  • Climate change
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution

Main problems

solutions:Reduce methane emissions; Switch to renewable energy; Plant more trees

significant changes in the climate of planet Earth due to natural causes or as a result of human actions.

Climate change

Possible solutions: awareness of the population, sewage treatment, laws that delimit the parameters for waste disposal, supervision and severe punishments

alteration of water quality making it harmful to the environment and unfit for consumption, which directly affects the maintenance of life on the planet.

Water pollution

Possible solutions: setting limits on emission levels, using alternative transport, monitoring air quality and creating technologies with lower pollution power.

raising the levels of substances considered polluting and causing an imbalance to the environment.

Air pollution

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