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Navigating globalization

English presentation

The North korea regime


Leadership Succession

Kim Il-sung's Era

Korean War and Cold War Era

Division and Isolation

Historical context

in the north korean regime

Leadership Cult

Leadership Transitions

The Kim Dynasty

Leadership and Power Structure in the North Korean regime

1. Principles of Juche2. Balancing Global Influences

JUche ideology

Information Flow

Informal Markets

The impact of globalization on the flow of information, including the infiltration of foreign media and the spread of information through underground networks.

The emergence of informal markets, often fueled by cross-border trade, as a source of economic activity and access to foreign goods.

The introduction of limited market-oriented reforms, such as Special Economic Zones and foreign investment, to stimulate economic growth.

Economic Reforms

Globalization and Domestic Policies

International Sanctions

Nuclear Weapons Program

Globalization and International Relations

Diplomatic Engagements

Inter-Korean Summits

China-North Korea Relations

Engagement with Southeast Asian Countries

Engagement with Russia

United States-North Korea Summits

Globalization and International Relations

Human rights concerns in North Korea have been widely documented by international organizations, governments, and human rights advocates.

Human rights

Political Repression

Forced Labor and Arbitrary Detention

Lack of Freedom of Information

Economic Hardship and Poverty

Restricted Access to Healthcare and Education