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Joana's Moon

Gonçalo Silva N6 9E



Some information

The book "Joana's Moon" was written by Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez which portrays the theme of drug addiction in adolescence.


It is the story of Joana who recently lost her best friend, Marta, due to an overdose. The book can be considered a kind of diary in which Joana writes letters to her friend who has died. Joana and a boy from her class decide to do a play that they call “Amigos da Onça”. Marta's brother starts to get along with bad influences. Marta had a brother named Diogo , who couldn't get over Marta's death and ended up falling into the world of drugs. Joana tries to help him, but she also falls into temptation and starts to consume.

I'm going to stop writing. My hand hurts, my body hurts, my thoughts hurt. The courage I don't have hurts.

-Maria Teresa Maia Gonzalez

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