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Ricardo Silva

Gianecchini brand






Our target market will comprise fashion-conscious individuals aged between 25 and 45, with a high disposable income and a preference for online shopping. We will operate primarily online, but our brand will aim to have a physical presence through pop-up stores and retail centres in strategic locations. Our marketing strategy will focus on a pre-order basis creating a sensation of scarcity for our products through Facebook and Google ads.

Gianecchini is a luxury fashion brand that combines style and elegance to create exclusive and sophisticated pieces. Our mission is to provide unique, high-quality fashion experiences to discerning customers.



Hella Maquiny


• Why these matters for marketers and digital marketing? This E-commerce boom has made it so that businesses have to operate online more then ever and those that where already online saw massive boosts in sales and customer traffic, this made it so that Marketers had to adapt to this new and changing business environment as the pandemic made it so that forms of traditional marketing became quite obsolete during the lockdown. Street signs would no longer be viewed, door to door salespeople weren’t allowed to work and began switching to streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube or short-form video like TikTok for their entertainment so TV adverts weren’t getting enough traffic, the solution was using digital tolls and forms of marketing to offset the lose in traffic with the increase in online traffic (hklaw, n.d. ).

• The same goals, and similar tools but a different method Digital marketing has the same objective as traditional marketing to promote and sell a product, because of this digital marketing and traditional marketing share many of the same tools such as AIDA models, SMART objectives, segmentation, targeting and positioning. However digital marketing also possesses its own unique set of tools such as email marketing, content marketing, online analytics, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and others (Bailey, 2020).

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