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In this book, the theme is coming of age. Both of the main characters learn about themselves and each other. Tiên learns that it is okay to love whoever and he will always have support. His Mother learns that the past is the past and it is okay to let go. She did what was best for her and her future. The book teaches that everything will workout at the end.

The song that reminds me of this book is, Blessed by Daniel Caesar. In the song, he says in the bridge "And I'm coming back home to you" reminding me of the Mother going back to her home country then knowing she needs to go back home because of her son. Other parts are "We can't be by ourselves, we will always need each other" and "If I could, I swear I'd go back".

The ocean means letting go. The ocean was shown when something was leaving the story, saying that it is gone from the charaters.

The jean jacket means hiding oneself. When he wore it he was hiding his true self but then starts to leave it when he was coming out.

The fish shows a journey and lessons that are made. The fish guides one of the characters and teaches the mom who is listening to the story.

The books are a big apart of the story. This was a way for the family to connect with each other. They learn who they are from the stories. This is also how the mother tells tiên that she supports him.

The passport shows the work the mother put in to have a life in the U.S. While, she starts to wish that she did not move but then at the end she learns it was the best for herself.