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Modern Age:


Conquest of Granada

Discoverment of América:

Cristobal Colón discovered America and went with three carabels:

-La Niña-La Pinta-La Santa María

Catholic Kings

-Royal authority-Melilla, Islas Canarias and Navarra-Spanish inquisition-Explotation and expation

Spain= The most powerful conuntry


16th Century:

1516-1556. Carlos I de España y V de Alemania:

-Grandson of the Catholic Monarch-The first Habsburg King of Spain-Inheritance: Spain, Germany, Netherlands, a part of italian Peninsula and some of the Americas



Before he death, gave his Germanic empire to his brother Fernando.

1556-1598. Felipe II:

Spanded the Spanish empire and it was very strong

There was wars and conflicts but won importants battles:

1571:Spain won the Battle of Lepanto to stop the Ottoman Empire from controlling the Medditerranean Sea

1580:Spain conquered Portugal and it included Brazil, Angola and Islas Molucas(Indonesia)


Spain started to lose power and economy because of wars, pirates and less gold and silver from the Americas.

1598-1621. Felipe III (Habsburgo Dinasty):

He signed Count-Duke of Olivares as valido.

1640: Portugal rebellion.

1665-1700- Carlos II:

His mother ruled for him during 10 years because he only was 4 when he became king. He did not have any children, so he did not have an heir to the throne.


Spanish economy improved and the population increased.

1700-1746. Felipe V (Bourbon Dinasty)


1701-1713: War of the Spanish Succession started between French Bourbons and Austrian.Habsburgs became an European war.


The Trety of Utrecht ended the war:- Felipe V became the king of Spain- France and Spain couldn't be united- Spain lost Netherlands and Italy in favor of Austria, Gibraltar and Menorca in favor of British, and others