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Unit 11 - Resub


Compare the way two different types of passenger airline use their websites to attract customers


Analyse the effectiveness of different airline reservation websites


Review the features of airline reservation websites


Criteria to pass

Full-Service Scheduled Airline Websites: Emirates (www.emirates.com) is a renowned full-service scheduled airline with a user-friendly website offering various features. The website allows users to search for flights based on their preferences, including dates, destinations, and cabin class. It provides a seamless booking experience with options for selecting seats and adding services. Users can easily access their booking details, change itineraries, choose seats, and request special meals or other services through the "Manage Booking" section. Emirates also provides real-time flight status updates, gate information, and baggage details to keep passengers informed. The airline's loyalty program, Emirates Skywards, is integrated into the website, allowing passengers to manage their miles, redeem rewards, and access exclusive offers. Additionally, the website offers travel inspiration, destination guides, and a comprehensive flight timetable to assist users in planning their trips effectively.British Airways (www.britishairways.com) is another full-service scheduled airline with a feature-rich website. The website provides an interactive world map that allows users to explore flight routes, check destinations served, and plan multi-stop itineraries. British Airways operates the Avios loyalty program, seamlessly integrated into the website. Passengers can earn and redeem points for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. The website also offers a flight comparison tool, enabling users to compare flight options based on price, travel time, and cabin class. British Airways provides a mobile app that syncs with the website, allowing users to manage their bookings, check flight status, and receive notifications.Low-Cost Scheduled Airline Websites: Southwest Airlines (www.southwest.com) is a prominent low-cost scheduled airline with a user-friendly website focused on affordability and simplicity. The website offers a range of fare options, allowing passengers to choose the fare that suits their needs. Southwest's loyalty program, Rapid Rewards, will enable customers to earn points on flights and redeem them for future travel. The website provides easy access to manage issues and redeem rewards. Clear information about baggage policies, fees, and allowances is available on the website, helping passengers understand the rules before their trip. The booking process on Southwest Airlines' website is The design is simple and easy to use, which makes it user-friendly. to search for flights, select seats, and add extras like EarlyBird Check-In.Ryanair (www.ryanair.com) is a well-known low-cost, scheduled airline focusing on budget travel. The website offers a "Fare Finder" tool that allows users to search for the lowest fares across multiple destinations within a selected time frame, making it ideal for flexible travellers. Ryanair also offers add-on services like baggage options, priority boarding, and reserved seating. Users can easily customize their booking to suit their preferences. The website provides opportunities for flight changes, name corrections, and refunds, allowing passengers to manage their bookings conveniently.

Review the features of airline reservation websites -P5-

To analyze the effectiveness of the airline reservation websites reviewed in P5, let's assess their features, user experience, and overall performance.Emirates (www.emirates.com) provides a highly effective booking experience for users. The website's user-friendly search and booking functionality allows passengers to find quickly and book flights based on their preferences. Integrating the Emirates Skywards loyalty program within the website further enhances its effectiveness, as users can conveniently manage their miles and rewards. Real-time flight status updates and comprehensive travel information the website provides contribute to a positive user experience, ensuring passengers are well-informed. Overall, Emirates' website demonstrates high effectiveness in delivering a range of features and services to its customers.British Airways (www.britishairways.com) offers various features and functionalities, making it an effective platform for booking flights. The interactive map feature stands out, enabling users to explore flight routes and plan multi-stop itineraries. Integrating the Avios loyalty program and the flight comparison tool further enhances the website's effectiveness. The availability of a mobile app that seamlessly syncs with the website adds convenience for users on the go. British Airways' website effectively provides a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, allowing customers to make informed choices and manage their bookings efficiently.Southwest Airlines (www.southwest.com) delivers a user-friendly and streamlined booking process. The availability of flexible fare options and the Rapid Rewards loyalty program contribute to its effectiveness, providing passengers with choices and rewards. Clear information about baggage policies and allowances enhances the user experience, ensuring transparency. The website's simplicity and ease of use make it practical for users looking for low-cost flights and a hassle-free booking experience.In general, all three reviewed websites demonstrate effectiveness in their respective categories. They offer intuitive search and booking functionalities, provide access to loyalty programs, and deliver relevant travel information. The websites prioritize user experience by supplying precise and transparent communication, real-time updates, and additional services. These features contribute to a positive overall customer experience, making the websites practical tools for airline reservations

Analyse the effectiveness of different airline reservation websites -P6-

To compare how two types of passenger airlines use their websites to attract customers, let's consider a scheduled full-service airline and a low-cost airline and analyze their approach to targeting specific customer segments such as business, leisure, and visiting friends and relatives (VFR).Scheduled Full-Service Airline - Emirates: Emirates, as a planned full-service airline, aims to attract a diverse range of customers, including business, leisure, and VFR travellers. Their website reflects this strategy through several features. The website provides a user-friendly flight search and booking interface, allowing customers to find quickly and book flights to various destinations. This caters to business and leisure travellers who value convenience and flexibility. Additionally, Emirates offers multiple cabin classes, including Economy, Business, and First Class, providing a premium experience for business travellers seeking comfort and luxury. The website highlights business-specific services such as corporate travel programs, chauffeur-driven transfers, and airport lounge access, appealing to business travellers seeking seamless and efficient travel arrangements. Moreover, Emirates Skywards, the airline's loyalty program, is prominently featured on the website, incentivizing repeat business from customers across different travel segments, including leisure and VFR travellers who can accumulate and redeem points for flights and other rewards.Low-Cost Airline - Ryanair: Ryanair, as a low-cost airline, adopts a different approach to attract customers, primarily focusing on budget-conscious travellers. Their website incorporates features designed to appeal to this target audience. One prominent feature is the Fare Finder tool, which allows customers to search for the lowest fares within specific travel periods. This appeals to price-sensitive customers, including leisure travellers and VFR visitors looking for affordable options. Ryanair's website also emphasizes add-on services such as baggage options, reserved seating, and priority boarding, allowing customers to customize their travel experience based on their preferences. These features cater to customers seeking comfort or additional services, particularly leisure travellers.Furthermore, Ryanair actively promotes limited-time offers, discounted fares, and flash sales on its website to entice budget-conscious customers across various travel segments. Finally, the website focuses on a streamlined and efficient booking process, ensuring customers can complete their transactions quickly and easily. This user-friendly experience caters to customers seeking a straightforward and hassle-free process, regardless of their travel segment.In summary, they scheduled full-service airlines like Emirates to target a wide range of customers by providing a comprehensive and premium experience through features like diverse cabin classes and business-specific services. On the other hand, low-cost airlines like Ryanair attract price-sensitive customers by offering affordable fares, customizable services, and enticing promotions. Both airlines tailor their websites to cater to their target customer segments' specific needs and preferences, whether it's business, leisure, or VFR travellers.

Compare the way two different types of passenger airline use their websites to attract customers -M1-