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Create a global commercial career strategy, for all stages of development

Gap Analysis

Audience insight

Functional Strategy

Point for consideration Do we have existing relationships with all locational representatives? Do we have local service providers to replicate training? Are there visa considerations for international placement programmes? Are there travel restrictions in place (Russia) Are there international barriers to content? GDPR considerations

1598 Great Britain 1238 Whitley 204 Gaydon 68 Fen End 29 Warwick Uni 18 Ryton 13 Leamington 8 Solihull 6 London 5 Halewood 3 Eastnor 3 Castle Bromwich 1 Coventry

Austria 50

Australia 53

Belgium 49

Brazil 100

Canada 36

Germany 243

Spain 75

France 56

MENA (Middle East North Africa) 56

Singapore 37

Hungary 1

India 80

Italy 111

Japan 49

South Korea 49

Mexico 41

Netherlands 12

Russia 27

Slovakia 1

Taiwan 32

North America 254

South Africa 53



Point for consideration

  • Weight of commercial employees centralised in C-6 grades.
  • Proposed focus of new manager development.
  • Development pathway should be across all roles

An advancement roadmap, with short and long term benchmarks;


Development of Portfolio of skills

Mapping the route an employee takes from a current position through successive roles to arrive at their ultimate goal.

Enabling readiness for development roles as/when they become available.

Adaptability to changing business landscape

Preparation for industry/environmental development, i.e. ICE to ACES, House of Brands.

Point for consideration What is the ultimate goal for commercial career progression? Advancement to higher 'ranks' or skill specialism. Action: Research via employee feedback and functional strategy Are there existing development suppliers we can utilise?

How long is the planning phase?

What is the wider functional direction?

The time and resources allocated will dictate the extent of intial development options available.

How soon should employees be in role before entering a development path?

Is it for all starters or for those with long term development aspirations?

The development plan types will depend on the employee role types and career paths.

How long should the development plan(s) take?

Task based vs long term career enhancement?

The purpose of development will impact the completion timeframe. .


Point for consideration Dependent on the outcome of strategy and feedback research it is suggested that there are multiple options of development, to serve both short term task based needs and long term career advancement. Action: Conduct Gap analysis to further investigate volumes of training types.


What are the benefits of a formal career strategy?

  • Improves career engagement
  • Increased retention
  • Attract top job candidates
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Maximise potential of high performers
  • Boosts profits

Training is becoming a concern for employees as they face their career futures, according to a survey conducted in 2021 by Monster. "45% more likely to stay with their current employer if they were offered skills training"

Retention impact?

Productive outcomes essential

Social Cognitive Career Theory:Career development behaviours are affected by three social cognitive processes- self efficacy beliefs- outcome expectations- career goals

Point for consideration Changing landscape for job retention/competitive advantage. Outcome expectation management - Approval to hire vs role readiness

Career Framework




Create a global commercial career strategy, for all stages of development

Commercial CareersExperience

Strategic Alignment

Competency Framework



Design and create the career model

  • Job Skills
  • Role specialisms
  • Career paths
Aligned to wider industry trends

Growth Plans Mentoring Promotion of development planning Leadership talent talks

R E F O C U S 2.0 - business excellence through value creation T H E N E E D F O R C H A N G E - Forth Industrial Revolution

Master/Specialist4Practitioner3Fundamentals2Awareness1No competency0

Short/Long term placements Job swaps and secondments International experiences 1 day 'in the life of' experiences Mock assessment centres

Webinars on-demand learning - internal Success Factors/Good Practice - external ashorne hill/MOOCs Reading material

Growth Plans Mentoring