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And Then

This Week's Prompt

You work in an office with a superhero who thinks they're hiding their identity. Everybody knows and covers for them, even when they regularly let it slip, by accident.Focus of the Week: This week, we will focus on action and ideas! How will your character react to the superhero's "slip-ups"? What types of disasters will prompt the superhero into action? When you write the action scenes, be sure to tell your reader how the characters are reacting to the setting. Are objects flying through the air? What is going through the character's minds? What do they see. What do they do?


After you are finished with your response, reflect on how you did! Drag the dots above to the boxes in the rubric below that describe your work.

Each week, you will receive the beginning of an intriguing story. It will be up to you to write the “and then…” to finish the story! I’m excited to see how your writing grows throughout the year!