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Lesson 23


staff we likr

5. Say it right

4. Light in a bottle

3. Discuss

2. Vocabulary

1. Every day objects


  1. What can you see in the photoes?
  2. Is there anything else we could do with these objects?

Why is each object important in our everyday lives?

fan, light bulb, tap,switch, matches, remote control, plug, candle, heater, charger.

what objects can you see in the photos ?

Let's learn new every day objects

Complete the senrances with new vocabulary

1 The plugs in the USA are different 2 The hotel didn’t have air conditioning, just big _______ on the ceiling. 3 Where have you put the_____? I can’t turn on the TV! 4 My sister thinks that ______are romantic, but I think they’re dangerous. 5 Can you help me? I can’t turn ______on the in the bathroom. 6 We need ___some to light the barbecue. We haven’t got any.

Light in a bottle

Light in a bottle

Light in a bottle

1. Invention........ 2. Inventor ........3. Nationality of invetor .....4. Reason for invention:....5. How the invention works ....

complete the fact sheet

What pbjects in your country people use the most?

What about your country?