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Matt Martin

Biomechanics Task 2Angular Motion

Centre of Mass

Axes of Rotation




Third Class Lever

Second class lever

First Class Lever

How the three types of levers are used in trampolining

Vertical axis & transverse plane

Frontal axis & saggital plane

Sagittal axis & Frontal plane

As I mentioned, there are three axes of movement which are linked with the three planes of movement:

The three axes of rotation

How do changes in centre of mass affect performance?

Centre of Mass and Performance in Trampolining

When a rugby or NFL player is low they are in a position for better torque as the athlete and their centre of mass goes upwards on their opponent while tackling. This is because low moment-arm increases as position get's higher. This means the distance between the opponents pivot point and location of force increases which allows for higher torque on opponent.

"The low man wins"

How different types of levers and changes in centre of mass combine to affect performance? (in relation to rugby and NFL)

Centre of Mass and Levers during somersault