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DS MES CORE Overview

Initial Full Release

  • Legacy GNE SAP/LIMS via ESB (CSC/CCP2)
  • DeltaV Integration Framework (CSC/CCP2)
  • Single LIMS Via Mule (All sites)
  • ASPIRE via Mule (RSTO, PZ)
  • SDC Integration (CSC)
  • Basecamp Integration (CSC)
  • Siemens DCS Integration Framework (PZ)
  • OSI PI Integration (CSC)
  • Print Server Integration (CSC/CCP2)

System Integrations

  • Standard Batch Production Record Report template
  • Standard EUL Report template for common equipment
  • Genealogy report
  • QRM application config, framework and functional integration design

Reporting/Review by Exception

  • Weigh and Dispense global solution (including Equipment functions to support)
  • Core building blocks for development of workflows and recipes
NOTE: Adoption and development of comprehensive Core workflows and recipes under review. Pending business proces alignment and external system (e.g. DCS) alignment capabilities

Workflow and Recipes

  • Bills of X (material, parameter, samples, etc.)
  • Master Data tools for configuration and review
  • Order Management functions
  • Material/Inventory Management design and tools
  • Equipment State Models
  • Equipment log book templates
Note: Designed for current state and with ASPIRE future state in mind

Tools and Templates

  • Security and Audit base config design (role based security)
  • Document Control and Archiving base config and tools

System Admin Tools