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Good Morning Everyone!Hope you all had a fab weekend! Short but sweet one this week as we move away from Spring KEL and look towards Summer. Extention of the Headset trial - Those teams on the headset trial please note this has now been extend for 4 weeks. This is to rectify the delay you have experiencing with touch to talk and to implement more software updates. Please ensure all your team are aware of the extention. An update on missed calls will be sent out shortly.Doughlectable finishes this Sunday (28th) - with the next trials schduled to launch commecning on 5th June.Just so you are all aware I (Emily) am on holiday until Thursday. Our wonderful Lyndsey will be your first point of contact. This is her last week before maternity leave! Please ensure you join the calls scheduled this morning to discuss PACS, labour and the special project planned Have a great day,Emily & Lyndsey

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