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05 - Modifications

01 - Toy Description

02 - Claims & Functionality

03 - Psychosocials Development

04 - Cognitive Development

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Learning resources :


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  • Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie is a simple and entertaining approach to teach early math concepts such as colors and fruits
  • Intended for children ages 3 - 7 years old
  • This toy is not specifically targeted to any gender, designed to assist all children regardless of gender indentification

Toy Description

Learning Reosources Super Sorting Pie

Claims & Functionality


Word Cards: Make word cards to correspond with the fruits included in the set. Have the child match each fruit with the corresponding word. For children not prepared for whole words, make cards that include the beginning letter sounds only.

- Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie teaches early math skills and characteristics (color and fruit shapes) by arranging the sorting cards on the pan's bottom to offer visual clues that aid student performance offering three distinct game modes.- Claims to enhance and develop children's fine motor abilities by using jumbo tweezers to manipulate various small pieces of fruit (Learning Resources, 2020).

What's Missing? - Developing thinking and memory skills (Learning Resources, 2020). Place 3 - 6 pieces of fruit in a line, and instruct the child to turn around while the fruit is removed; once the child turns back around, have the child infer which piece of fruit is missing.

Fruit Salad: Count how many fruit pieces fit into a single pie section. Children can guess which two fruit combinations produced the lowest sum by using as many as possible.

Ways to Play

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

Psychosocial Development


  • A kid must be allowed to explore, engage with others, and satisfy their natural curiosity about the world around them during this development period (Lally and Valentine-French, 2019).
  • With no intended consequence, this game will instill confidence in the child's ability and foster independence, creativity, and self-esteem while teaching various mathematical concepts.
  • This would be a great activity in any preschool or kindergarten classroom, or daycare. There are so many entertaining ways to play with it, which can be used for years. (Mama write reviews, 2016).

Erikson's psychosocial stage of initiative versus guilt ( 3- 6 years ) (Erikson, 1982; as cited in Lally and Valentine-French, 2019)

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

Cognitive development


This stage would provide an appropriate environment for incorporating fine motor and mathematical skills, such as adding and manipulating the fruit with giant tweezers. Because the game has two tweezers that transfer the fruit into and out of the pie, children may also build interpersonal interactions via play.

In Piaget's preoperational stage of cognitive development (2 to 7 years), rational thinking, object tampering, and more complicated activities occur (Lally, Valentine-French, 2019).

Preoperational Cognitive Development

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie



According to Bandura, the social learning theory suggest that young children frequently learn behaviors through imitation (Bandura, 1977). Even when children do not know what else to do, they learn by modeling or copying the behavior of others (Bandura, 1977; as cited in Lally-Valentine-French, 2019).

Include more jumbo tweezers to assist in group play, 2 or more, which will also allow younger children who are around older, more developed children the oppurtunity to develop via imitation.

Modification #1

According to Erikson, social play will become increasingly important as a child grows, beginning with parallel play and progressing to more cooperative settings with others (Erikson, 1982: as cited in Lally and Valentine-French, 2019)

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Increase the size of the pie and add vegetables so that the children are also able to learn about fruits and vegetables simultaneously.

Modification #2

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