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Zephir Cruise


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  • 5 stars restaurant
  • High confort stateroom
  • Space exploration and unique activities
  • Enriching conferences by well-known scientist
  • Spa, theatre, gym and more !

Depart from Kennedy Space Center, FloridaAll inclusive trip for 900.000$ only :Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience to fly among the stars !

August 24-28

space adventure

Embark on an extraordinary

  • Come meet the welcoming cruise member
  • High-tech sport and wellness equipment provided : sauna, pool, gym, field with various sports
  • Religious buildings for everyone
  • Enjoy culture in our theatre, cinema, library and meeting room with various conferences
  • Discover the galaxy that surrounds us with our observatory
  • Awake in spacious stateroom including bedroom and bathroom
Room service 24/7
  • Various types of cabins according to your needs (suite, simple room ) with a fantastic view on space
  • The terrestrial restaurant (5 stars Michelin) with different types of cuisine from all around the world to feel right at home and get a taste of many cultures !
  • Reactive and helpful staff that anticipate all your needs

Treat yourself to a dream trip with everything you need

Life on board

What’s the primary purpose of the Moon and satellites ?Conference by Gennady Borisov, astrophysicist, 3:00pmDiscover more about this conference :

What’s the goal of the ISS ? Conference by He Jiankui, ex ISS member, 11:00 am Discover more about this conference :

Rally in buggiesDo you like karting ? Take it to the next level ! On the Moon, we’ll propose you a rally in buggies.





Spatial excursionHave you ever dreamed of flying ? Well, we can offer you that. In our cruise, enjoy a spatial excursion above the Earth, feeling free !

DAy 1

Observation of Jupiter’s stormHave you ever seen a bigger storm than a Hurricane ? Let’s discover Jupiter's gigantic and monstrous storms.



Why do we consider living on Mars ? Conference by Mark Thiessen, astronomer, 11:00 am Discover more about this conference :



Physical activitiesYou wanna do sports without any gravity and jump higher than Lebron James ? Come play in our zero gravity field.

DAy 2

Observation of Bennet and HalleyThese two comets visible only once in a lifetime will be together. That's why we're offering you the chance to see them for the first and last time!


Bennet and Halley

How are the celestial bodies constituted ? Conference by Jessica Meir, astrophysicist, 3:00 pmDiscover more about this conference :

What are the components of Saturn’s rings ? Conference by Sarah Blesener, astrophysicist, 11:00 amDiscover more about this conference :



Ring explorationYou wanna explore the surroundings of Saturn ? We offer you another spatial excursion to discover Saturn’s ring in a fun mood : with the equipement provided, you'll feel free to jump around rocks !

DAy 3

Planet alignment And for our final package, an event that happens once every 147 billion years, the alignment of the 8 planets of the solar system.



What is the role of the Sun ? Conference by David Gruber, astrophysicist, 11:00 amDiscover more about this conference :



Observation of system solar’s border from PlutoHave you ever been curious to see what is beyond our solar system with your own eyes? Well, we propose a stop at the end of our system to see it, and at the same time theKuiper belt !

DAy 4