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definition: in charge, leader.

definition: to rule over, be in charge, the boss.

definition: living things / animals that live in the sea.

definition: very large, huge.

definition: not usual or ordinary; not common; remarkable.

The Kingdom of the Sea was governed by a wonderful King. He was called Rin Jin, or the Dragon King of the Sea. His power was immense; he was ruler of all sea creatures, both great and small, and he was the keeper of the Jewels of the Tide. When the Jewels of the Tide were thrown into the ocean, it made the waves rise as high as mountains and flow upon the shore like a tidal wave.

Date: Wednesday 24th MayWALT: use a range of domain skills Title: Dragon King of the sea

definition: in contrast to, when something happens even though it might have been prevented by something else.

definition: to rule, be in charge, to hold the power.

definition: a woman on her wedding day.

The Palace of Rin Jin was at the bottom of the sea and it was so beautiful that no one has ever seen anything like it, even in dreams. The walls were made of coral, the roof of jade stone and the floors were of finest pearl. But, despite all this, the Dragon King was not at all happy for he reigned alone. He thought that if he finally married, he would not only be happier but also more powerful so he decided to take a wife. Calling all the fish together, he chose several of them to go through the sea and search for a young Dragon Princess who would be his bride.

definition: a small, flattened, rigid, part of the external body covering.

definition: a long, loose outer garment reaching to the ankles.

At last they returned to the palace, bringing with them a lovely, young dragon. Her scales were of glittering green like the wings of summer beetles, her eyes threw out glances of fire and she was dressed in gorgeous robes, decorated with all the jewels of the sea.

definition: magnificence, brilliance, grandeur, grandness.

definition: a long, moving line of persons or animals that carries or holds something.

definition: outfits worn at a religious or special festival

definition: bright and shiny

definition: to shine, to produce small flashes of light

definition: something you own

definition: enjoyable activities at the time of a holiday or other special occasion

definition: in groups, the collective noun for groups of fishy type creatures.

The King fell in love with her at once and the wedding ceremony was celebrated with great splendor. Every living thing in the sea, from the great whales down to the little shrimp, came in shoals to offer their congratulations. Never before had there been such festivities in the underwater world. The train of bearers who carried the bride's possessions to her new home seemed to reach across the waves from one end of the sea to the other. Each fish carried a lantern and was dressed in ceremonial robes of gleaming blue, pink and silver. The lights twinkled so brightly that, as the waves rose and fell that night, they seemed to be waves of white and green fire.