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Global Issue Interactive Presentation Consuelo I. Gomez College of Education, Grand Canyon University EDU-524: Culturally Responsive Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Tanya Faulk May 17, 2023

what is it?

race and Racism


So much injustice, violence and racism are making people protest now more than ever, for it seems that “Systemic racism and discrimination are rooted in the structure of society itself, in governments, the workplace, courts, police and education institutions” (Barbieri & Ferede, 2020).

"Race is a socially defined concept sometimes used to designate a portion, or subdivision, of the human population with common physical characteristics, ancestry, or language. Ethnicity is social categorization based on an individual’s membership in or identification with a particular cultural or ethnic group" (American Psychological Association, 2022).

Definition of race

Groups of people that may look different due to their skin color, hair type and color, place of birth, language spoken, ancestors, and that are from different parts of the world, but all belong to the same human race.

in our own words

Most likely we tend to be racist when we do not know enough of people that are different from us, and because we learn from other people's racist comments. It is important to educate ourselves and get to know different types of people.

Why are people racist?

The activity consists of working with older students (reading buddies) to conduct interviews amongst other students and staff, to then find a way in which YOU can encourage people inschool or community to help make a difference to end violence, racism and injustices. You may come up with your own questions to gather information about how people feel about other races, about what they think is an injustice and how violence can be stopped.


How can we help?

National Geographic


Common Sense Education

...to help you explore!

digital tools...

You may choose to do your final project (as partners) in the form of:

  • a recording (voice or video on their ipads)
  • a visual (drawing, poster)
  • an electronic book (Book Creator app)
Remeber that the point is to promote peace, justice, and acceptance.

of your choice

final Project


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